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Bibles for tribal areas across India


Bible Vision

A dimension that the Lord added over 8 years ago to the mission is the vision of Bibles for Bible-less homes.  In the last 8 years the Lord has allowed us to share His word with over 125,000 families in 5500 villages. India is a country with over 1 billion people. It is estimated that by the year 2028 India will be the largest country population in the world with almost 1.5 billion people. Yet, less than three percent of these people know the one true God.

Over 30 percent of the people live in villages with little or no contact with the outside world. When the Lord said: take my message to the ends of the earth - this is what He had in mind. These are people that are considered in Hindu term - the lower cast... the untouchables.

They deserve to hear God's word too.

In the Christian world, there is no end of slogans, such as“God’s Word for all.” The unfortuneate reality is that there are millions of homes without Bibles in India alone. We want to make the slogan, "God's Word for all" a reality in India.

The Bible has been translated into twenty-six major languages, but these Bibles now need to be brought to the Bibleless homes. This is a passion and vision that has gripped our hearts. Is there a greater investment for eternity than gifting a Bible to someone who has never held one in his life before?

For for just $7.00, you can put one Bible in a family's hands.  For just $7.00, you can give a family the oppurtunity to have a personal relationship with Jesus.



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