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The power of God’s Word

How a Bible kept a man of witchcraft from entering a home.

Saraswathy is a teenage girl attending the tailoring program at Quiet Corner. Coming from a Hindu background, she was only introduced to Jesus recently. Her love for Jesus is so genuine that she is often seen reading the Bible given to her by the sewing class instructor..

Saraswathy had health-related problems and would often faint; her parents thought that she was possessed by evil spirits.

One day, a witchcraft man was brought to their house to cast the demons out of her. Her mother requested for him to enter, but as he reached the entrance, he could not step forward and enter through the doorway. Again, her mother requested him to come in, but he replied that he could not enter because there was a greater power confronting him. Her mother told him that there was no one else,  besides Saraswathy reading a book, there and again requested for the man to enter. He replied that he could only enter if Saraswathy threw the book away. The book was the Bible, and Saraswathy would not give up the Bible and was determined to continue reading it. The witchcraft man had to retreat.

The Bible represents the presence and power of the true and Living God.  So many Christians take the word of God, the Bible, for granted. However, Saraswathy’s story demonstrates the power of the Bible and encourages us, too, to keep reading the Word of God.

The story of Gangamma

Naomi Gangamma, a tribal, widowed woman always with a bright smile on her face (even now, old and toothless) has a remarkable testimony of God’s compassion and faithfulness. Never attending school, she was born and brought up in the jungle of the Nilgiris, where Quiet Corner began the ministry nearly three decades ago.

We first met her worshipping a stone as an animist, right in front of our main house at Quiet Corner. The Lord put a burden upon our hearts for her, little did we realize that her husband would soon die leaving  her four children fatherless and with no hope of any support. Through sharing God’s love and compassion with the widow and her children, Gangamma slowly came to know the love of Jesus.  Eventually, despite much opposition from her family, she chose to be baptized. Her growing children opposed her at first, but they saw the changes in their mother’s life. They too chose to follow and commit their lives the the God of their mother, Jesus. After some time, the entire family accepted the Lord as their savior and became members of the mother church in the village.

Gangamma has endured many trials, including much mocking, over the years. These challenges have only helped her to grow and trust the Living and Risen Jesus more. She does not spare anyone she meets but witnesses to them all about this Jesus, who she so dearly loves. She is always the first one to pray in the worship at the church, quoting scripture she has memorized between prayers.

Today, she had the joy of seeing two of her own grandchildren, both believers following the Lord, be baptized. First a soul, then a family, and now a community and a new generation of believers. Gangamma’s life is a miraculous testimony of how the gospel transforms lives. Indeed, she never went back to the dumb rock but rather continues to be a shining witness for Jesus. Her faith and joy has strengthened my faith and I thank God for her. She is in her seventies now and says with a  smiling face, “I am ready to meet Jesus anytime.” What a commitment to faith!

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