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Letter to God's People

 Dear God’s people,

In the Christian world there is no end of slogans. “God’s Word for all” is the slogan of a well-known Bible publishing house. However, the stark and uncomfortable reality is that Bibles are still found in abundance only in Christian homes. In our nation of India alone there are millions of homes without a Bible. Do we care?




We have much to praise God for too. The Bible has been translated into twenty-six major languages and this is remarkable but are these Bibles reaching Bible-less homes? This is a passion and vision that has gripped our hearts. Perhaps, I can even boldly say that one of the greatest investments for eternity that you can make is to gift a Bible to someone who has never held one in his life before!

Here's where you can help: for just $7.00 we can get one Bible in a family's hands.  Enough said: for only $7.00 they can begin to experience the living word of God.

How to Get the Bible into Bible-less Homes!

The uniqueness of this Vision

  1. This is a person-to-person friendly contact since meeting a friend is different from meeting a stranger.
  2. It costs the giver something - money and time, hence a sacrificial gift. David said, “I will not offer anything to the Lord that doesn’t cost me something”.
  3. It gives an opportunity to the giver to specifically intercede after giving the Bible - prayerful follow-up on the knees.
  4. A unique strategy to reach out to the educated class of people. Thousands of homes are waiting for a Bible
  5. Something everyone can do!

Encouraging Report from the Field

A little girl seven years of age, having heard about Jesus, was very keen to get a copy of the Bible. When she heard of the BVI Team visiting her village she pleaded with her parents to invite them over and get her a Bible. She even insisted that her parents should give a donation to the BVI Team. The Parents were reluctant at first, but later took the Bible for their daughter sake. The Team wanted to pray before they parted and the girl requested her parents to join in prayer. They were again hesitant, but the little girl began to weep and on seeing this they joined in prayer. (This is indeed sowing with tears!)

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