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History of Quiet Corner


History of Quiet Corner and its founder, Thomas Samuel

Growing Up

Quiet Corner was started by Thomas Samuel in 1974.  In 1930, Thomas Samuel was born in the very lush, tropical state of Kerala, South India.  He was a fun-loving and mischievous boy who became well acquainted with the 'rod of instruction'.  Amidst the fun and adventures of his early childhood escapades, he vividly remembers a defining moment.

One morning, Thomas was found deathly ill.  No medicine would cure him.  As time ticked away, his grandmother walked into the room and cried out in a loud voice, "...Oh God, if you give this child back to us, we promise to give him back to serve you..."  With that prayer of great faith, the illness just vanished and he was well again.

Growing up, Thomas had his own plans.  To help his family financially, he moved to the big cities to find a job.  First he went to Bombay, then to Aden (Yemen), and finally onto New Delhi where he got a job at American Express.  It was in New Delhi that a friend forced him to go to a Billy Graham crusade.  That evening was the turning point.  Thomas went forward and gave his life to Christ.

In 1961, he quit American Express to step into full-time Christian work.  Thomas first wanted to take two years to study the word at Union Biblical Seminary.  As the two-day train journey passed station after station, barren landscapes, teeming crowds on stations, and vacant eyes stirred tides of emotion in him.  The train ride opened his eyes to the soul of India and the underbelly of Indian life.  India seemed so unreached that he was tempted to skip the seminary so he could get into the field immediately.

Operation Mobilization.

After completing the two year Bible training, Thomas joined Operation Mobilization (OM).  He attended an OM conference on unreached countries.  At that time, OM was concentrating on Eastern Europe and the Muslim dominated lands.  India was nowhere on their radar.  Thomas was hoping he could personally meet George Verwer, the founder of OM.  Thomas prayed, "Lord, put India on George's heart and send him to India."  Finally, one morning George came looking in the tents asking for Thomas.  When he found him, almost the first thing George Verwer asked was, "Thomas, how about me going to India?"  Thomas was shocked by God's response but calmly replied that is was not a bad idea at all.  Within two weeks, George went on his first and historic trip to India.

After George Verwer's trip, his heart was touched and moved as never before by the perishing millions he saw in India.  With tears in his eyes, he poured out his heart to Thomas.  "Thomas, why don't I get a couple of trucks and teams ready and let's start ministry in India" was his very first challenge to Mr. Samuel.  Shortly thereafter, two trucks left for India with the very first team and OM-India had begun.  Thomas was committed to attend Capernwray Bible School for six months and was unable to make the maiden trip.  After Capernwray, he moved back to Bangalore and became the leader of OM-India.    

During his years at OM-India, teams of nationals were formed and they penetrated many unreached and difficult parts of India.  It was an exhilarating experience to devote the prime of his life to pioneering and building the work of OM-India. 

The Hunting Lodge

After ten years, a friend insisted Thomas take a break and join him at his hunting lodge called "Wild Heritage" in the thick of the jungles.  The setting was breathtaking.  Thick dense forest everywhere surrounded by majestic blue mountains.  His friend entertained him with stories of elephants, tigers, bear, deer, and much more.  Morning presented the sounds and sights of a sleepy jungle coming to life.  It was an ideal place for fasting, prayer, and solitude.  He explored the surroundings and the nearby village.  The children were malnourished and sick.  The people were desperately poor, and more importantly, nobody had shared the gospel with them.  Not even pioneering Catholics had reached this area.  He cried out, "Lord, there is such a needy mission base, here".

Thomas' friend soon had to leave India and was looking for someone to buy "Wild Heritage".  In the meanwhile, he left the property to caretakers.  Thomas missed "Wild Heritage" decided to come back for a visit.  He was shocked at what he saw.  The cottage was in shambles.  It turned out these caretakers vandalized the place and sold the owner's belongings for alcohol.  Thomas was devastated, for he considered the place sacred, aside from being a holiday hideout.  He felt God was calling him to these jungle people and eventually resigned from OM-India in 1974.  He felt like Nehemiah when he looked at the ruins of Jerusalem.  Thomas felt he was ready for another kingdom adventure – this time without the security of an organization.

 While rebuilding the dilapidated old hut, Thomas slept in a treetop house to keep him safe from the roaming elephants.  One night he was awaken by strange sounds that seemed to come right below the tree.  It sent cold chills up his spine.  He woke up his friend and asked what was happening.  "Oh that, don't worry, that's just an elephant and tiger fighting."

Quiet Corner Begins

In the early days of "Wild Heritage" now called "Quiet Corner", the primary hub of the ministry revolved around the children of the area.  They were so eager and open to the gospel.  They started Sunday schools for them under the trees.  They came in droves and very soon started singing the praises of the King and they memorized Scripture verses rapidly. 

Almost immediately, Quiet Corner began to cater to the physical needs of the children.  They were desperately poor.  It was impossible to minister without caring for their physical needs.  The children looked malnourished and were always hungry.  Since that time, Quiet Corner has set up feeding programs, vocational training, farming, hospital, evangelism, Bible distribution, and discipleship training.


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